Espanola, New Mexico The Jewel of Northern New Mexico. Espanola was founded in 1598 by Spain as the first capital of New Mexico. It sits in the northern Rio Grande Valley between the Jemez Mountains and Truchas Peaks, and is a very convenient base for exploring northern New Mexico.  Espanola has many lodging options and the best selection of restaurants. Don't miss the world-class local artists.  Let us be your tour guide through the Beautiful Espanola Valley.



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313 North Paseo de Oņate
Espanola, NM 87532
Fax:  (505) 753-5543

Phone:  (505) 747-6087
Directions to Espanola Library

Labor Day to Memorial Day
Mon.:   9:00-6:00
Tues.:   9:00-7:00
Wed.:   9:00-8:00
Thurs.:   9:00-7:00
Fri.:   9:00-5:00
Sat.:   9:00 3:00
Sun.:   Closed
     Memorial Day to Labor Day
     Mon.:   9:00-6:00
     Tues.:   9:00 6:00
     Wed.:   9:00-6:00
     Thurs. :   9:00-6:00
     Fri.:   9:00-5:00
     Sat.:   9:00-3:00
     Sun.:   Closed

THE Espanola PUBLIC LIBRARY is a non-profit, tax-supported institution which serves the citizens of Espanola and the surrounding areas. Established in 1915 by the Espanola Women's Club and Library Association, the Library is currently housed in the Richard L. Lucero Center, which also houses the community gym, public swimming pool, and weight training facility.

With approximately 48,000 titles, including books, audio cassettes, and video cassettes, the basic objective of the Espanola Public Library is the provision of books and materials which aid the individual in pursuing education, research, general information, and creative use of leisure time.

For information regarding the Library's services and policies CLICK HERE